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Lee, Charles H.

Professor of Mathematics


Office: 657-278-2726

Department: 657-278-3631



Professor Lee received his doctor of philosophy degree in applied mathematics in 1996 from the University of California at Irvine. After that, he spent three years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Research in Scientific Computation, Raleigh, North Carolina, where he received the 1997-99 National Science Foundation Industrial Post-Doctorate Fellowship. He joined the Mathematics Department at California State University, Fullerton in 1999, serving as assistant professor in 1999, then associate professor in 2005 and full professor in 2011. His research has been focused on computational applied mathematics with emphases in bioinformatics, aerospace, acoustics and biomedical engineering. He has mentored student research in biomedical engineering (neonatal jaundice and cancer detection using DNA microarray data), mathematical financing, acoustics sensor array and aerospace engineering. Among students he has mentored, four received Ph.D. degrees, and three are currently in Ph.D. programs. Currently, he is mentoring one undergraduate research student in medical optics, one graduate research student in acoustic sensor array and another graduate research student in numerical algorithms in cancer detection. Dr. Lee also has been collaborating with scientists and engineers at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory since 2000. He has worked on various projects, including CubeSat flying formation, satellite & aerial coverage analysis, network communications planning & Scheduling, Atmospheric Scintillation, RF Propagation over 3D terrain, Lunar temperature brightness, and signal combining for large antenna arrays. He has published more than 70 professionally refereed papers, including 30 mathematical and engineering journal articles. Dr. Lee received Outstanding Paper Awards from the International Congress on Biological and Medical Engineering in 2002 and the International Conference on Computer Graphics and Digital Image Processing in 2017. Dr. Lee also received NASA

Areas of Knowledge:
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Aerospace Enginnering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computational Mathematics

  • Mathematics

  • Vietnamese