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Jaynes, Jessica L.

Assistant Professor Mathematics


Office: 657-278-4662

Department: 657-278-3631



Dr. Jaynes' primary research is motivated by real-world applications in experimental design and is focused on the construction of efficient and optimal factorial designs with applications in the fields of, but not limited to, biomedical sciences, for drug combination determination, and marketing survey research. Her specific focus is on the development of new methodologies and applications concentrating on the close connection between statistics and medicine. As science and technology progresses, this often calls for innovation in methodological and theoretical development of statistical experimental design. Statistics is essential in the development of novel experiments to maximize efficiency, while minimizing time and costs. New developments in statistical methods pertaining to medical research can provide higher-efficiency designs, more in-depth analyses and require a shorter time to run. Her recent research has been focused on the area of factorial designs: providing a novel application of factorial designs in the area of virology, developing a new class of composite designs, and constructing smaller, efficient choice sets for the area of discrete choice experiments. In particular, there is a growing demand for identifying drug combinations for particular illnesses. Through statistics, scholars can help identify drug combinations and dosages that will yield the highest potential in curing the illness. These observations have major implications in the understanding of factorial designs, ultimately leading to a better design theory.

Areas of Knowledge:
  • Experimental Design
  • Factorial Design
  • Drug Combinations
  • Biomedical
  • Applied Statistics

  • Statistics