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Robinson, Suzanne

Assistant Professor of Special Education

Department of Special Education

Office: (657) 278-5858

Department: (657) 278-5453



Studies/Research: Training paraprofessionals using video-feedback, barriers to successful inclusion for preschoolers with disabilities and preservice teachers' attitudes toward and perceptions of autism. Current research involves the dissemination of evidence- based practices for students with autism and other disabilities, parent and teacher training, inclusion and positive behavior support. Dr. Robinson received her degree from the Graduate School of Education at UC Santa Barbara, where she conducted research and clinical work in the internationally-known Koegel Autism Center. While there, she worked with toddlers, children and youth with autism, their families and their school professionals (e.g., teachers, paraprofessionals, speech pathologists and inclusion specialists), providing direct behavioral services, stakeholder training and home-school coordination.

Areas of Knowledge:
  • autism
  • positive behavior support
  • behavior management
  • inclusion
  • teacher training
  • paraprofessional training
  • evidence based practices
  • pivotal response teaching
  • parent education
  • moderate-severe disabilities

  • Disability Issues
  • Education -- Special Ed