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Jones, Vita L.

Associate Professor of Special Education

Special Education

Office: 657-278-8621

Department: 657-278-8621



Vita L. Jones is an associate professor in the Special Education Department at California State University, Fullerton. In this position, she instructs new teachers in innovative strategies to support the development of young children with disabilities. She earned her master’s degree in early childhood special education and graduated with a doctorate in special education in 2009 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr. Jones also served as a special education project facilitator and an early childhood special educator in the Clark County School District. Dr. Jones completed her dissertation study of resilience in African American students in 2009. She conducted a Delphi study with over 1,000 African American families in Las Vegas to determine the characteristics of resilience that led to successful graduation from high school. In addition, she has conducted research on teacher and student characteristics of resilience in the township of Kliptown, South Africa, and at the Eton Montessori schools in Beijing, China. Dr. Jones presents on topics of early childhood special education and resilience throughout the United States, as well as Cyprus, Australia, Canada and Russia. She has written over 10 articles and a book chapter highlighting the components of special education. She maintains an active research agenda on topics of early childhood, diversity practices and resilience.

Areas of Knowledge:
  • Special Education

  • Education -- Special Ed

  • North America