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Area of Expertise: California

Engstrom, Wayne N.

Professor of Geography, Emeritus

Areas of Knowledge
  • Coastal landforms
  • Beach erosion
  • Wave events
  • 19th century climate of Southern California
  • 19th century coastline of Southern California

More Info - Expert: 238

Janssen, Volker

Associate Professor of History

Areas of Knowledge
  • history of prisons and penology
  • California politics, economy and culture
  • history of technology

More Info - Expert: 504

Michaels, Robert

Professor of Economics

Areas of Knowledge
  • Utilities-regulation/deregulation/competition
  • California's energy policy
  • Analysis of antitrust issues

More Info - Expert: 35

Russell, Frank

Assistant Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Social media
  • Media ethics
  • Silicon Valley
  • Editing

More Info - Expert: 829

Sekhon, Sharon

Lecturer in American Studies, Asian American Studies, University Honors Program

Areas of Knowledge
  • History

More Info - Expert: 788