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Area of Expertise: Counseling

Brew, Leah M.

Chair, Associate Professor of Counseling

Areas of Knowledge
  • Theories of counseling
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • ADHD
  • Supervision of counseling

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Cervantes, Joseph M.

Professor of Counseling

Areas of Knowledge
  • Child/Family psychology
  • Psychiatric diagnosis
  • Ethics in mental health
  • Religion/Spirituality in counseling
  • Short-term psychotherapy

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Chopra, Sapna B.

Lecturer in Counseling

Areas of Knowledge
  • Multicultural issues
  • parenting
  • counseling Asian Indian/South Asian Americans

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Englar-Carlson, Matt

Professor of Counseling

Areas of Knowledge
  • men and masculinity
  • boys and male adolescents
  • child counseling
  • mental health of men
  • clinical work with boys and men
  • social class as cultural variable
  • changing gender roles for men
  • men and diversity
  • group process
  • fatherhood
  • social justice and men
  • group leadership
  • positive psychology and men
  • health psychology

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Kanel, Kristi L.

Professor of Human Services

Areas of Knowledge
  • Crisis intervention
  • Mental health needs and treatment models for Latinos
  • Secondary PTSD in crisis workers
  • Child abuse
  • Pedagogical models for training counselors
  • Sexual assault/harassment
  • Spousal abuse

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Kim-Goh, Mikyong

Professor of Human Services

Areas of Knowledge
  • Asian American mental health
  • domestic violence in Asian immigrant communities

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Kottler, Jeffrey

Chair of Counseling Department

Professor of Counseling

Areas of Knowledge
  • Human dimensions of teaching and counseling
  • Making changes last
  • Group leadership
  • Learning from failure

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Mori, Lisa T.

Professor of Psychology

Clinical Psychologist

Areas of Knowledge
  • gender & ethnic differences on views of mental illness and psychotherapy
  • ethnic influences on perceptions of sexual assault
  • ethnicity and anxiety and stress management
  • cultural diversity and sensitivity in the counseling process

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Shepard, David S.

Professor of Counseling

Areas of Knowledge
  • Men's mental health
  • portrayal of men in movies and television
  • growing up male in America
  • depression
  • causes and treatment of depression (men and women)
  • what makes relationships work
  • marriage counseling
  • psychology
  • gender issues

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