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Area of Expertise: Education -- Distance Learning

Chappell, Sharon

Associate Professor of Education

Areas of Knowledge
  • Social Studies
  • Socio-emotional learning
  • Bias-based bullying
  • Gifted and talented education

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Costa, Victoria B.

Professor of Secondary Education

Areas of Knowledge
  • Secondary teacher education
  • Teacher recruitment
  • What goes on in high school science classrooms
  • Teacher preparation

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Donovan, Loretta C.

Professor of Elementary and Bilingual Education

Areas of Knowledge
  • Educational Technology
  • Distance Education
  • Technology Planning

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Gorman, Nicholas

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Evaluation and Assessment Coordinator

Areas of Knowledge
  • Program Evaluation
  • Educational Psychology
  • Accreditation
  • Public Health
  • Online Education

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Green, Tim D.

Professor of Elementary and Bilingual Education

Areas of Knowledge
  • Elementary and bilingual education
  • Distance education
  • Instructional/Educational technology
  • Instructional design
  • Teacher education
  • Social Studies education

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Reisman, Sorel

Professor of Information Systems and Decision Sciences

Academic Technology Coordinator

Areas of Knowledge
  • Distance learning
  • Systems development
  • Systems management
  • IT management

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Unnikrishnan, Raman M.

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Areas of Knowledge
  • Computer Science Accreditation
  • Curriculum Development and Review
  • ABET preparation
  • Engineering Education
  • Engineering Accreditation

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