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Area of Expertise: Media

Belmas, Genelle I.

Assistant professor of communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • First Amendment
  • Constitution and media law

More Info - Expert: 494

Brody, Jeffrey

Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Vietnam and Vietnamese Americans
  • Orange County's Little Saigon
  • Media and minorities
  • Ethnic press
  • Newspaper industry trends and issues

More Info - Expert: 25

Clanin, Tom

Lecturer in Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Mass media ethics
  • media ethics
  • news judgement

More Info - Expert: 27

Fellow, Anthony R.

Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • mass media issues
  • news coverage
  • media history
  • media and politics
  • media and governance
  • water issues and water politics
  • city issues and city politics
  • campaigns and elections
  • media law

More Info - Expert: 251

Foster, Brent M.

Interim Director, Undergraduate Studies and General Education

Areas of Knowledge
  • mass media
  • communications
  • media convergence
  • radio
  • television
  • broadcasting

More Info - Expert: 572

Franklin, April

Lecturer in Business Writing Program

Areas of Knowledge
  • Political communication
  • Political advertising
  • Mass media
  • Communication

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Hargraves, Hunter

Assistant Professor of Cinema and Television Arts

Areas of Knowledge
  • television criticism
  • popular culture studies
  • television history

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Ju-Pak, Kuen-Hee

Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Internet advertising
  • Marketers' use of mass media
  • Buying advertising space on the mass media including the Internet
  • Korea

More Info - Expert: 450

Ketchum, Karyl E.

Associate Professor of Womern and Gender Studies

Areas of Knowledge
  • Bullying in K-12 Schools
  • Gender
  • Transgender Identities
  • Visual Culture
  • Queer Studies
  • Technology
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Topics

More Info - Expert: 703

Kim, Janna L.

Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Studies

Areas of Knowledge
  • adolescent development
  • sexual socialization
  • gender socialization

More Info - Expert: 571

King, Cynthia M.

Professor of Communications

Director, Center for Entertainment and Tourism Studies

Areas of Knowledge
  • Media effects (effects of media violence, educational television, advertising, music, etc.)
  • Entertainment and tourism (trends, audiences/guests, impacts for all forms of entertainment and tourism)
  • Humor (theory, impacts, uses in films, advertisements, education, impacts on health)
  • Social science research methods - understanding how to conduct and interpret public opinion poll data and other types of research
  • Public relations
  • Disease prevention campaigns
  • Health campaigns

More Info - Expert: 124

Lovell, Jarret S.

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

Areas of Knowledge
  • Media coverage of crime and social problems
  • Policing
  • Leftist politics
  • Popular culture
  • Violence

More Info - Expert: 227

Pullen, Rick D.

Dean Emeritus, College of Communications

Professor Emeritus of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Media ethics
  • Media law

More Info - Expert: 425

Rimmer, Tony

Professor Emeritus of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • international media (especially Pacific interior)
  • Broadcast journalism (radio & TV news)
  • Mass media in political and social life

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Russell, Frank

Assistant Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Social media
  • Media ethics
  • Silicon Valley
  • Editing

More Info - Expert: 829

Shepard, David S.

Professor of Counseling

Areas of Knowledge
  • Men's mental health
  • portrayal of men in movies and television
  • growing up male in America
  • depression
  • causes and treatment of depression (men and women)
  • what makes relationships work
  • marriage counseling
  • psychology
  • gender issues

More Info - Expert: 68

Snow, Nancy

Professor Emeritus of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • rise in anti-Americanism
  • globalization
  • money and politics
  • media and politics
  • political communication
  • campaigns and elections
  • Propaganda
  • terrorism and media
  • public diplomacy
  • citizen activism
  • winning hearts and minds in war on terrorism
  • marketing America to world

More Info - Expert: 182

Suwinyattichaiporn, Tara

Assistant Professor of Human Communication Studies

Areas of Knowledge
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Social Media
  • Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Statistics
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Support

More Info - Expert: 875

Swanson, Douglas J.

Professor of Communications

Supervisor, Student-Run Advertising and PR Agency

Areas of Knowledge
  • Religion and media
  • Assessment of student learning
  • Mentoring

More Info - Expert: 706