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Area of Expertise: Public Relations

Gaschen, Dennis J.

Lecturer in Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Public relations industry trends throughout the western United States
  • Health care and nonprofit public relations

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King, Cynthia M.

Professor of Communications

Director, Center for Entertainment and Tourism Studies

Areas of Knowledge
  • Media effects (effects of media violence, educational television, advertising, music, etc.)
  • Entertainment and tourism (trends, audiences/guests, impacts for all forms of entertainment and tourism)
  • Humor (theory, impacts, uses in films, advertisements, education, impacts on health)
  • Social science research methods - understanding how to conduct and interpret public opinion poll data and other types of research
  • Public relations
  • Disease prevention campaigns
  • Health campaigns

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Love, Gail D.

Associate Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Public health campaigns
  • Entertainment/education concepts to disseminate public health information
  • Advertising trends
  • Public relations trends
  • Social media trends
  • Media history

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Stein, Andi

Professor of Communications

Graduate Program Coordinator

Areas of Knowledge
  • Disney
  • Entertainment and Tourism
  • Themed Attraction Promotion
  • Public Relations
  • Management Communications

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Swanson, Douglas J.

Acting Associate Dean

Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Religion and media
  • Assessment of student learning
  • Mentoring

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