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Area of Expertise: Writing -- Business

Collins, Michael P.

Lecturer in Marketing

Areas of Knowledge
  • Hospitality Communications
  • Coast Guard

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Curran, Laura C.

Lecturer in Management

Areas of Knowledge
  • environmental sustainability, supply chain
  • outsourcing, logistics, computer technology
  • B-B marketing

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Franklin, April

Lecturer in Business Writing Program

Areas of Knowledge
  • Political communication
  • Political advertising
  • Mass media
  • Communication

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Loewy, Dana

Lecturer Emeritus in Business Writing

Areas of Knowledge
  • Job application process
  • Preventing plagiarism
  • Crosscultural communication
  • Czech literature (Modernism)
  • Translation (particularly film subtitles)
  • Brand name consulting
  • American literature
  • German
  • Professional writing and rhetoric

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Ramseyer, Diana M.

Lecturer in business writing

Areas of Knowledge
  • Business Writing
  • Composition

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Rizkallah, Teeanna

Vice Chair, Marketing: Business Communication

Lectuer in Marketing

Areas of Knowledge
  • Business writing
  • Composition
  • Medieval literature
  • Science fiction
  • Computer/video games
  • Online communities

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Webber, Martha A.

Assistant Professor of English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics

Areas of Knowledge
  • Student Engagement and Service Learning
  • Critical Nonprofit Studies

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