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Area of Expertise: Writing -- Composition

Hughes, Ronald E.

Professor of Sociology

Areas of Knowledge
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Writing

More Info - Expert: 248

Ramseyer, Diana M.

Lecturer in business writing

Areas of Knowledge
  • Business Writing
  • Composition

More Info - Expert: 772

Rizkallah, Teeanna

Lecturer in Marketing

Areas of Knowledge
  • Business writing
  • Composition
  • Medieval literature
  • Science fiction

More Info - Expert: 128

Sekhon, Sharon

Lecturer in American Studies, Asian American Studies, University Honors Program

Areas of Knowledge
  • History

More Info - Expert: 788

Webber, Martha A.

Assistant Professor of English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics

Areas of Knowledge
  • Student Engagement and Service Learning
  • Critical Nonprofit Studies

More Info - Expert: 688