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Peissig, Jessie J.

Professor of Psychology


Office: 657-278-8278

Department: 657-278-3514



Her research focuses on various aspects of visual perception. In a set of studies in collaboration with Dr. Cindy Bukach, they have tested birders to determine the limits of visual expertise. In another facet of her research, she s using a face database of normal, disguised and emotional faces that she collected while at Brown University. They are using this face database to study how people recognize faces that have been disguised in various ways, such as changing the hair or adding glasses. She has also collected a new emotion database at CSUF that includes posed and genuine expressions from the same people. They are using those faces to look at people’s ability to recognize subtle, genuine emotions compared to posed expressions. They are also exploring the role of eyebrows in face recognition, as compared to the eyes alone and the mouth. Finally, they are exploring the role of makeup in attractiveness. They are testing the perceptual biases that are involved in where and why females use makeup to increase attractiveness. As part of her background in visual recognition, she also has extensively studied the behavior of animals.

Areas of Knowledge:
  • Face Recognition
  • Facial Emotion Recognition
  • Facial Attractiveness
  • Animal Behavior

  • Psychology