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Area of Expertise: Education -- Leadership

Adler, Louise C.

Emeitus Professor of Educational Leadership

Areas of Knowledge
  • Management
  • religion and public schools

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Chappell, Sharon

Associate Professor of Education

Areas of Knowledge
  • Social Studies
  • Socio-emotional learning
  • Bias-based bullying
  • Gifted and talented education

More Info - Expert: 768

Eanes, Berenecea Johnson

Vice President for Student Affairs

Areas of Knowledge
  • Student Success in Higher Education

More Info - Expert: 650

Hoffman, John L.

Chair, Department of Educational Leadership

Director, Ed.D. Program

Areas of Knowledge
  • Student Affairs Administration
  • Student Affairs - Professional Competencies
  • Student Affairs - Assessment
  • Student Affairs - Educational Technology

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Orozco, Linda C.

Professor of Educational Leadership

Director of Tier II Program

Areas of Knowledge
  • educational leadership
  • educating dirverse populations
  • technology in education
  • webconferencing in education
  • international leadership in schools
  • authentic assessment
  • portfolio assessment
  • indigenous populations
  • school administration
  • professional development for school leaders

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Person, Dawn R.

Professor of Educational Leadership

Director, Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership

Areas of Knowledge
  • Minority student college persistence
  • Diversity in higher education

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Sutphen, Sandra

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Areas of Knowledge
  • Emergency management
  • Women and politics
  • University governance

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Teckchandani, Atul

Assistant Professor of Management

Areas of Knowledge
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Experiential learning
  • Organizational behavior
  • Leadership
  • Lean startup

More Info - Expert: 711

Tran, Natalie A.

Professor of Educational Leadership

Areas of Knowledge
  • Research methodology
  • Diversity in higher education
  • Mindfulness
  • Language resources

More Info - Expert: 732

Unnikrishnan, Raman M.

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Areas of Knowledge
  • Computer Science Accreditation
  • Curriculum Development and Review
  • ABET preparation
  • Engineering Education
  • Engineering Accreditation

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