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Area of Expertise: Politics -- Communication

Ceisel, Christina M.

Assistant Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Tourism
  • Globalization
  • Popular Culture
  • Media Studies
  • Entertainment
  • Foodways
  • Heritage

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Franklin, April

Lecturer in Business Writing Program

Areas of Knowledge
  • Political communication
  • Political advertising
  • Mass media
  • Communication

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Gianos, Phillip L.

Professor of Political Science

Areas of Knowledge
  • American politics: elections, public opinion, media and politics (esp. film and television)

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Jarvis, Matthew G.

Associate Professor of Political Science

Areas of Knowledge
  • Elections
  • Congress
  • Voting
  • Voting technology
  • Public opinion
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign finance
  • Veto threats

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Phoborisut, Penchan

Assistant Professor in Communications

Areas of Knowledge
  • Thai Protests
  • Activism
  • Digital Media and Advocacy

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Swanson, Douglas J.

Professor of Communications

Supervisor, Student-Run Advertising and PR Agency

Areas of Knowledge
  • Religion and media
  • Assessment of student learning
  • Mentoring

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