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Grieb, Chuck

Professor of Art

Visual Arts Department

Office: 657-278-3220

Department: 657-278-3471



Chuck’s career in animation began at Walt Disney TV Animation as a storyboard artist. Working primarily in the Special Projects department he served a variety of roles, from storyboard artist to character design, to animator, working both traditionally and with a variety of digital tools. Chuck served as a core member of this team, which created the award-winning Genie’s Great Mind’s series, Timon and Pumbaa’s Find Out Why educational shorts, Winnie the Pooh specials and Sing-along songs, etc. Chuck also has been involved in the development of a variety of other programs for Walt Disney TV Animation. He worked as an animator for Cornerstone Animation and Toonacious Family Entertainment, storyboarded for Nickelodeon Animation Studios on an episode of My Life As Teenage Robot, been involved in theme park design working on attractions for LegoLand with SimEx Digital Studios and Walt Disney World while at Walt Disney TV Animation, and partnered in the ownership of Flashbang Studios, a studio providing various animation services to clients, such as V12 Interactive, Bug In Box, BKN, Taweel Loos and Walt Disney, among others. Since joining the Cal State Fullerton Art Department faculty in 2002, Chuck has been instrumental in the redesign of the Entertainment Animation Concentration. Responsible for developing and teaching the 3D digital animation curriculum for the Entertainment Art/Animation concentration, Chuck also designed a new course of study founded on narrative animation and storytelling practice and principles. The structure of the improvements to the core upper division classes have been founded upon teaching the students animation storytelling principles. Commissioned by Autodesk to develop curriculum for their 2010 Animation Academy, Chuck authored and illustrated over 400 pages of material devoted to 3D digital character creation, covering everything from modeling through texturing, rigging and animating. Chuck is also an illustrator, exploring b

Areas of Knowledge:
  • Traditional animation production
  • 2D Digital animation (Flash, After Effects, Photoshop)
  • Storyboarding for Animation
  • 3D Digital animation
  • Professional experience having worked as an artist for Disney, Nickelodeon, and other animation studios
  • Illustration

  • Art -- Animation/Computer

  • North America
  • Global