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Dennehy, Kristine

Professor of History

Chair of the History Department

History Department

Office: 657-278-5253

Department: 657-278-3474



Kristine Dennehy’s main area of research is the history of early post-World War II Japan. Her doctoral dissertation (UCLA, 2002) “Memories of Colonial Korea in Postwar Japan” focused on the role of ethnic Koreans in Japan (zainichi Chōsenjin) and former colonial officials in evaluating Japanese imperialism in Korea in the late 1940s and early 1950s. In 2008-09, she was the historical adviser for a U.S. Army oral history project interviewing more than 80 Japanese Americans veterans who had served in the Military Intelligence Service during the Allied Occupation (1945-1952) as interpreters and translators. • Dennehy on “A Divided Korea”: • Dennehy on how North Korea became a nuclear power:

Areas of Knowledge:
  • Japanese colonialism in Korea
  • Korean ethnic minority in Japan
  • Post-1945 Japanese history

  • Asia
  • Japan

  • Japanese

  • Asia