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Mori, Lisa T.

Professor of Psychology

Clinical Psychologist

Department of Psychology

Office: (657) 278-3761

Department: (657) 278-3514



Current or pending research studies include investigating the influences of gender, ethnicity, acculturation, enculturation, and ethnic identity on perceptions of: (1) mental illness; (2) psychological and psychiatric interventions; (3) sexual assault; (4) anxiety and stress management; and (5) intimate partner violence and conflict. Past accomplishments include serving as an Orals Licensing Examiner for the California Board of Psychology; Consulting Editor for Psychological Assessment (a journal of the American Psychological Association); and Clinical Director for a non-profit community counseling center.

Areas of Knowledge:
  • gender & ethnic differences on views of mental illness and psychotherapy
  • ethnic influences on perceptions of sexual assault
  • ethnicity and anxiety and stress management
  • cultural diversity and sensitivity in the counseling process

  • Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Stress Managment