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Area of Expertise: African American Studies

Brooks, Siobhan

Associate Professor of African American Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • African American Politics
  • Black LGBT Studies
  • Black Feminism

More Info - Expert: 841

Graham, Natalie J.

Assistant Professor of African American Studies

Chair of the Department of African American Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Creative Writing

More Info - Expert: 839

Heiner, Brady

Executive Director, Project Rebound at CSUF; Chair, CSU Project Rebound Consortium

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Areas of Knowledge

  • Prisons
  • Higher education in prison
  • Mass incarceration
  • Policing
  • Public safety
  • Prisoner reentry
  • Racism

More Info - Expert: 730

Pewu, Jamila

Assistant Professor of History

Project Director, Mapping Arts OC

Areas of Knowledge

  • Digital History/Digital Humanities
  • African Diasporic Placemaking
  • Black Geographies
  • Public Humanities
  • African Studies
  • City Planning History
  • 19th Century US

More Info - Expert: 984

Robinson, Edward L.

Lecturer of African American Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Cultural Studies
  • African and African American Literature

More Info - Expert: 965

Sparks, Anthony

Associate Professor of Cinema and Television Arts

Areas of Knowledge

  • Television Industry/Media Industry Studies
  • Television Writing/Screenwriting
  • Politics & Performance Studies
  • African American Culture & Politics

More Info - Expert: 785

Williams Fayne, Miya

Assistant Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge

  • Black Press
  • Digital Journalism

More Info - Expert: 988

Wyatt, Toya A.

Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Areas of Knowledge

  • Speech Language Pathology
  • Cross-cultural communication differences
  • Test bias
  • Communication disorders
  • English Dialects
  • African American English
  • Child language development
  • Bilingual child language development

More Info - Expert: 587