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Area of Expertise: Art -- Criticism

Jenkins II, Jim E.

Professor of Art

Areas of Knowledge

  • Modern and contemporary art
  • Kinetic art
  • Sculpture
  • Sculptural materials and techniques

More Info - Expert: 398

Jewett, Jade M.

Professor of Art

Chair of the Art Department

Areas of Knowledge

  • Contemporary American figurative painting/arts
  • Painting and drawing techniques
  • Issues in contemporary visual arts

More Info - Expert: 361

Lagerberg, Don

Professor Emeritus of Art

Areas of Knowledge

  • Figure drawing and painting
  • Head and hands drawing
  • Portraiture (historical and contemporary)
  • Character design (historical and contemporary)
  • Scene design (historical and contemporary)
  • Storyboarding
  • Aspects of the arts as they relate to certain periods in ancient art
  • Western art since 1400
  • Japanese 19th century
  • Popular culture
  • Comics in America
  • Production design for film

More Info - Expert: 243

Sargeant, Lynn M.

Associate Dean for Student Relations, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor of History

Areas of Knowledge

  • Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union history
  • Role of the arts, especial music, in society

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