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Area of Expertise: Education -- Higher Ed

Boutakidis, Ioakim P.

Professor of Child and Adolescent Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Ethnic Minority Adolescent Development
  • Mixed Methods- Quantitative + Quantitative Analysis
  • Acculturation, Immigration processes
  • Reducing ethnic minority disparities in college performance and graduation

More Info - Expert: 673

Chaffee, Carol L.

Lecturer in Biological Science

Biology 101 Coordinator

Areas of Knowledge

  • Biology Education
  • Population Genetics

More Info - Expert: 921

Cox-Petersen, Anne "Amy" M.

Professor of Elementary and Bilingual Education

Areas of Knowledge

  • Science teaching and learning (particularly in informal settings such as museums, field sites, zoos, aquariums, etc.)
  • Service learning in schools and higher education

More Info - Expert: 390

Dolhinow, Rebecca E.

Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Student activism
  • Educational activism
  • Neoliberal education
  • Critical university studies
  • The new Commons movement

More Info - Expert: 831

Donovan, Loretta C.

Professor of Elementary and Bilingual Education

Areas of Knowledge

  • Educational Technology
  • Distance Education
  • Technology Planning

More Info - Expert: 849

Gradilla, Alexandro J.

Associate Professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Non-western thought
  • Bioethics
  • Cultural competency
  • Male circumcision (medical)
  • Mexican immigration
  • Latino identity in the US
  • White privilege
  • First generation college students
  • Mentorship
  • Men's Studies
  • Maleness and masculinity
  • Marxist/Anarchist theory

More Info - Expert: 747

Green, Tim D.

Professor of Elementary and Bilingual Education

Areas of Knowledge

  • Elementary and bilingual education
  • Distance education
  • Instructional/Educational technology
  • Instructional design
  • Teacher education
  • Social Studies education

More Info - Expert: 408

Heiner, Brady

Executive Director, Project Rebound at CSUF; Chair, CSU Project Rebound Consortium

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Areas of Knowledge

  • Prisons
  • Higher education in prison
  • Mass incarceration
  • Policing
  • Public safety
  • Prisoner reentry
  • Racism

More Info - Expert: 730

Huntington-Klein, Nick C.

Associate Professor of Economics

Areas of Knowledge

  • Choice in higher education
  • Causal inference

More Info - Expert: 739

Johnson, Zac D.

Associate Professor of Human Communication Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Instructional Communication
  • Student-Student Communication
  • Authentic Teaching
  • Student Misbehavior
  • Service-Learning

More Info - Expert: 905

Jung, Deanna D.

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Coordinator of Pre-Licensure Programs

Areas of Knowledge

  • Nursing
  • Disaster Preparedness and Management
  • Vulnerable Populations
  • Adult and Gerontology Acute Care
  • Global Health

More Info - Expert: 911

Kim, Danny C.

Vice President, Administration and Finance

Chief Financial Officer

Areas of Knowledge

  • Higher Education Management and Administration

More Info - Expert: 660

Literte, Patricia

Associate Professor of Sociology

Director, McNair Scholars Program

Areas of Knowledge

  • Race and Ethnicity

More Info - Expert: 778

Long, Lisa D.

Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance

Areas of Knowledge

  • Modern Dance
  • Improvisation
  • Anatomy/Kinesiology
  • Self-care/Massage
  • Contemporary dance
  • Dance and Culture

More Info - Expert: 757

Malagon, Maria C.

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Areas of Knowledge

  • Latina/o Education
  • Latina/o Youth

More Info - Expert: 854

Marzocchi, Alison S.

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Areas of Knowledge

  • equity in mathematics

More Info - Expert: 753

Pérez, Patricia A.

Professor and Chair

Areas of Knowledge

  • College Access, Choice, and Persistence
  • Educational Equity
  • Latina/o Education

More Info - Expert: 766

Person, Dawn R.

Professor of Emeritus Educational Leadership

Areas of Knowledge

  • Minority student college persistence
  • Diversity in higher education

More Info - Expert: 696

Rashidi, Waleed

Assistant Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge

  • Higher education mass communication programs
  • Contemporary music as mass communication
  • Local/independent/underground music scenes & DIY production
  • Entertainment-based magazines & newspapers
  • Media media formats (CDs, streaming, vinyl, cassettes)

More Info - Expert: 869

Sutphen, Sandra

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Areas of Knowledge

  • Emergency management
  • Women and politics
  • University governance

More Info - Expert: 441

Tran, Natalie A.

Professor of Educational Leadership

Chair of the Department of Secondary Education

Areas of Knowledge

  • Research methodology
  • Diversity in higher education
  • Mindfulness
  • Language resources

More Info - Expert: 732

Unnikrishnan, Raman M.

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Areas of Knowledge

  • Computer Science Accreditation
  • Curriculum Development and Review
  • ABET preparation
  • Engineering Education
  • Engineering Accreditation

More Info - Expert: 795

Winstead, Lisa

Associate Professor of Elementary and Bilingual Education

Spanish Bilingual Authorization Coordinator

Areas of Knowledge

  • Global education and immigrant issues
  • cultural competence and pedagogy
  • Bilingual authorization, ELL, EFL, TESOL

More Info - Expert: 847

Yee, Jennifer A.

Professor of Asian American Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Higher Education and Organizational Change
  • Asian American activism and civic engagement
  • AAPI feminism
  • Service learning and transformative pedagogy

More Info - Expert: 744

Zarate, Maria Estela

Professor of Educational Leadership

Areas of Knowledge

  • Access to HIgher Education

More Info - Expert: 697