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Area of Expertise: Internet

Chandler, Jennifer D.

Associate Professor of Management

Chair of the Department of Management

Areas of Knowledge

  • Strategic Management
  • Entertainment and multi-sided markets
  • High Technology

More Info - Expert: 690

Cong, Bin

Professor of Computer Science

Program Coordinator, Sofware Engineering

Areas of Knowledge

  • Internet computing
  • network security
  • software engineering
  • CMM
  • algorithms

More Info - Expert: 142

Granitz, Neil A.

Professor of Marketing

Chair of the Department of Marketing

Areas of Knowledge

  • Business ethics
  • Technology and learning
  • E-Commerce

More Info - Expert: 388

Hargraves, Hunter

Associate Professor of Cinema and Television Arts

Areas of Knowledge

  • television criticism
  • popular culture studies
  • television history

More Info - Expert: 865

Inventado, Paul Salvador B.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Areas of Knowledge

  • Machine Learning
  • Educational Data Mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer Science Education

More Info - Expert: 932

Reynolds, Chelsea J.

Assistant Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge

  • Online Sexuality
  • LGBTQ Media
  • Feminist Media
  • Magazines

More Info - Expert: 916

Shafae, Michael

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Areas of Knowledge

  • Computer Graphics
  • Games

More Info - Expert: 621