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Area of Expertise: Language -- Spanish

Alcala, Lucia

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Areas of Knowledge

  • Cross-cultural Psychology
  • Intercultural Education
  • Mayan communities

More Info - Expert: 900

Burlingham, Kate

Associate Professor of History

Areas of Knowledge

  • Global History
  • Emerging Markets
  • Political Risk
  • African History
  • Angolan History
  • Southern African History
  • Portuguese History
  • American Foreign relations
  • American History

More Info - Expert: 644

Carbajal, Eric

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Litertatures

Areas of Knowledge

  • Latin American Literature

More Info - Expert: 864

Fidalgo von Schmidt, Reyes

Professor of Spanish

Spanish and Portuguese/German Coordinator

Areas of Knowledge

  • Spanish-English Bilingualism and Language Contact
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Translation Studies
  • Spain and Europe
  • Linguistics

More Info - Expert: 348

Gallego, Juan C.

Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures

Areas of Knowledge

  • Teaching/learning foreign languages (ESL included) and teacher training
  • Bilingual education and language policy
  • Contemporary culture of Spain
  • Spanish linguistics
  • Study abroad and international education matters (especially in relation to Spain)

More Info - Expert: 412

Hess, Josefina

Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures

Areas of Knowledge

  • Spanish literature

More Info - Expert: 270

Rodriguez-Valls, Fernando

Professor of Secondary Education

Coordinator, Bilingual Authorization Program

Areas of Knowledge

  • Biliteracy
  • Migrant Education
  • Equity in Education

More Info - Expert: 895

Romain, Ian J.

Lecturer in Spanish

Areas of Knowledge

  • Syntax
  • Morphology

More Info - Expert: 937

Zampaulo, André

Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures

Areas of Knowledge

  • Phonetics
  • Phonology
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Language Change

More Info - Expert: 887