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Area of Expertise: Law -- Juvenile

Mallicoat, Stacy L.

Professor of Criminal Justice

Chair, Division of Politics, Administration & Justice

Areas of Knowledge

  • Gender and crime
  • Race and crime
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Death penalty
  • Prison systems

More Info - Expert: 484

Meehan, Kevin E.

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Areas of Knowledge

  • criminology
  • juvenile delinquency and corrections
  • three strikes
  • criminal justice
  • juvenile justice

More Info - Expert: 54

Panza, Nancy R.

Professor of Psychology

Forensic & Police Psychologist

Areas of Knowledge

  • forensic psychology
  • police psychology
  • clinical psychology
  • competency to stand trial

More Info - Expert: 698

Prinsky, Lorraine

Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Areas of Knowledge

  • Juvenile law
  • Juvenile justice
  • Service learning
  • Law
  • Deviant behavior

More Info - Expert: 448