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Area of Expertise: Music

Baker, Nicole

Lecturer in Music

Areas of Knowledge

  • Music of the Classic Era/Mozart
  • Medieval and Renaissance Music
  • Music of the Baroque Era

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Baker-Jordan, Martha

Emeritus Professor of Music

Areas of Knowledge

  • Piano pedagogy - learning to be a piano teacher, group piano teaching
  • Choosing a piano teacher for your child
  • The value of music study

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Breckenridge, Stan L.

Lecturer in African American Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • African-American music and dance
  • Analytical tools for understanding world music cultures
  • Popular music in America (since 1600s)
  • Computer applications in music
  • Professional artistic development
  • Jazz piano techniques
  • Singing techniques in vocal jazz and related styles

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Dickey, Marc R.

Professor of Music

Areas of Knowledge

  • Arts education
  • Music education
  • Teacher training
  • Instrumental music education
  • Music learning

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Hanlon, Mitchell D.

Professor of Dheatre and dance

Areas of Knowledge

  • Music (as used in theatres and movies)
  • Reviews of shows (regarding music and lyrics)
  • Singing for the state

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Istad, Robert

Professor of Music

Director of Choral Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Choral Music
  • Nonprofit Management (Music Specific)
  • Professional Classical Music
  • Conducting Pedagogy

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Koegel, John

Professor of Music

Areas of Knowledge

  • Music History
  • Musical Theater
  • American Music
  • Music of Mexico
  • Latino/Mexican American Music
  • Music in California
  • Musicology

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Lett, William F.

Lecturer in Theatre & Dance

Areas of Knowledge

  • Musical theatre
  • Dance
  • Entertainment arts

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Rashidi, Waleed

Assistant Professor of Communications

Areas of Knowledge

  • Higher education mass communication programs
  • Contemporary music as mass communication
  • Local/independent/underground music scenes & DIY production
  • Entertainment-based magazines & newspapers
  • Media media formats (CDs, streaming, vinyl, cassettes)

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Salem, Ernest A.

Professor of Music

Areas of Knowledge

  • Violin performance or strings

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Sargeant, Lynn M.

Associate Dean for Student Relations, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor of History

Areas of Knowledge

  • Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union history
  • Role of the arts, especial music, in society

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Siebenaler, Dennis J.

Professor of Music

Areas of Knowledge

  • Music Teaching and Learning
  • Musicianship and Eartraining
  • Music Education Research Related to Children

This expert is currently on leave.

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Tumlinson, Charles D.

Professor of Music

Areas of Knowledge

  • Jazz music; jazz pedagogy
  • trumpet performance

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