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Area of Expertise: Sports -- Psychology

Chen, David D.

Professor of Kinesiology

Areas of Knowledge

  • Motor control and learning
  • sports psychology
  • stress management
  • motor development

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Chin, Christina

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Areas of Knowledge

  • Asian American communities
  • Asian American sporting cultures
  • Asian American media representation
  • Race and ethnic identity
  • Immigration

More Info - Expert: 970

Kamrath, Jessica K.

Assistant Professor of Human Communication Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Organizational Communication - Organizational resilience & Well-Being
  • Sport Communication
  • Leadership Communication
  • Communication Pedagogy

More Info - Expert: 992

Laguna, Patricia

Professor of Kinesiology

Areas of Knowledge

  • Sport psychology
  • Stress management
  • Coaching

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Statler, Traci A.

Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Graduate Program Coordinator

Areas of Knowledge

  • study of excellence in performance
  • sport and performance psychology
  • psychology of injury
  • mental training
  • history and psychology of the Olympics
  • Sport psychology at the OIympics

More Info - Expert: 605

Weinmann, Carol A.

Professor Emeritus of Kinesiology and Health Promotion

Areas of Knowledge

  • Performance enhancement in sport using psychology
  • motivation in exercising using psychology
  • stress management
  • sports psychology

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