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Area of Expertise: Africa

Bock, John A.

Professor of Anthropology

Areas of Knowledge

  • Human evolution
  • Southern Africa
  • Botswana
  • Child development
  • Health anthropology
  • Indigenous people and conservations
  • HIV/AIDs epidemic
  • Child and family demography
  • Quantitative methods in anthropology
  • Biocultural anthropology
  • Hunter-gatherers
  • Cross-cultural research
  • Okavango Delta

More Info - Expert: 209

Burlingham, Kate

Associate Professor of History

Areas of Knowledge

  • Global History
  • Emerging Markets
  • Political Risk
  • African History
  • Angolan History
  • Southern African History
  • Portuguese History
  • American Foreign relations
  • American History

More Info - Expert: 644

Mugambi, Helen

Associate Professor of English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics

Areas of Knowledge

  • Gender constructions
  • Nationhood and song performance in postcolonial Uganda
  • Feminist theory in orature and literature

More Info - Expert: 464

Pearlstone, Zena

Professor of Art, Emeritus

Areas of Knowledge

  • Native American art history (particularly the Southwest, Precolumbian and African art history)

More Info - Expert: 49

Pewu, Jamila

Assistant Professor of History

Project Director, Mapping Arts OC

Areas of Knowledge

  • Digital History/Digital Humanities
  • African Diasporic Placemaking
  • Black Geographies
  • Public Humanities
  • African Studies
  • City Planning History
  • 19th Century US

More Info - Expert: 984

Tobias, Saul

Professor of Liberal Studies

Areas of Knowledge

  • Buddhism
  • South African society and politics
  • International Migration

More Info - Expert: 735