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Area of Expertise: Art -- Exhibition

Hall, Betsy L.

Lecturer in Art

Areas of Knowledge

  • Visual Art
  • Multi-disciplinary Art
  • Installation Art
  • Collaborative Art
  • Interactive Art
  • Artist-Curator
  • Artist-run Spaces
  • Alternative Art Venues
  • Long Beach, CA Art
  • Art Collective
  • The Power of Creativity
  • Meditation
  • Paying Close Attention

More Info - Expert: 960

McGee, Mike

Professor of Art

Museum Studies Coordinator

Areas of Knowledge

  • contemporary art
  • museum management
  • exhibition design
  • Southern California art

More Info - Expert: 175

Sekhon, Sharon

Lecturer in American Studies, Asian American Studies, University Honors Program

Areas of Knowledge

  • History

More Info - Expert: 788