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Area of Expertise: Asia

Chan, Peng S.

Professor of Management

Areas of Knowledge

  • Strategic management
  • Franchising
  • Artificial Intelligence strategies
  • Global strategies
  • Oil trading
  • New venture management
  • China market strategies
  • Asia-Pacific strategies

More Info Expert: 237

Chu, Kwang-Wen

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Areas of Knowledge

  • Asian economies
  • Taiwan-China relations

More Info Expert: 312

Dennehy, Kristine

Professor of History

Chair of the History Department

Areas of Knowledge

  • Japanese colonialism in Korea
  • Korean ethnic minority in Japan
  • Post-1945 Japanese history

More Info Expert: 194

Grant, Sarah G.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Areas of Knowledge

  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Vietnam
  • Southeast Asia
  • Environmental Anthropology
  • Climate Change
  • Commodities
  • Agricultural Development
  • Coffee
  • Cafe Culture

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Ihara, Craig K.

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy

Areas of Knowledge

  • Confucian and Buddhist ethics
  • Taoist philosophy
  • Asian-American studies
  • Japanese-American internment

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Mead, Robert W.

Assosicate Professor of Economics

Areas of Knowledge

  • Economy of China
  • Economies of Asia/Pacific Rim
  • Economics of developing countries
  • Economics of transition/comparative economic systems
  • China
  • Asia

More Info Expert: 61

Mueller, Franz

Professor of English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics

Coordinator, Linguistics Program

Areas of Knowledge

  • Indonesia (language, culture, politics, society)
  • Malaysia (language, culture, politics, society)
  • Any language or linguistics-related issues

More Info Expert: 449

Phoborisut, Penchan

Assistant Professor in Communications

Areas of Knowledge

  • Thai Protests
  • Activism
  • Digital Media and Advocacy

More Info Expert: 919

Shamim, Choudhury M.

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Areas of Knowledge

  • International law
  • International organization with emphasis on United Nations
  • International relations of south Asia

More Info Expert: 86

Shen, Yichin

Associate Professor of English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics

Areas of Knowledge

  • Asian literature
  • Asian-American Literature

More Info Expert: 340

Sun, Laichen

Professor of History

Areas of Knowledge

  • Early modern Southeast Asia

More Info Expert: 341

Tran, Lisa

Professor of History

Areas of Knowledge

  • 20th-century China
  • Overseas Chinese
  • Global history

More Info Expert: 584

Watanabe, Kazuha

Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures

Areas of Knowledge

  • Linguistics
  • French language
  • Japanese history
  • Japan
  • ballroom dance
  • historical linguistics
  • Japanese language
  • Romance language
  • typology
  • Japanese culture
  • Asian culture
  • Spanish language
  • Asian languages

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